In the beginning………

God made Heaven and Earth, made a few people, who then made a few more, fast forward many many years to 1969…now there were shed loads of people and then I was born to make shed loads of people + 1, fast forward a few more years and here I am creating my very first blog.

So what makes people decide to create a blog? I assume it’s because they’ve got something to say…..I’m not short of a word or two (but then you aint met my mate Sherri!!) but up until this point in my life any words I spoke I shared with myself (as we all talk to ourselves….don’t we? *BBM confused face*), or I shared with the people in my life.

But now, aged 42, I have a story to share, with anyone who wants to hear it. You don’t have to know me, heck…you dont even have to like me…..but you are here reading my blog……so let me entertain you until you get completely bored with me and choose to move on to the boring blokes blog next door 🙂

So lets get the initial introductions out of the way.  Hello, my name is Lisa and I have Breast Cancer 😦


About kissmeteet

47, wife, mother of 3 and nanny to 2, Christian. 6 year survivor of stage II Breast Cancer.
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8 Responses to In the beginning………

  1. djdeneez says:

    Hi Lisa, that came as a bit of a shock… I am completely saddened by the news, all I can say is a very quick recovery and I know you are very strong woman… keep your heard lifted high – you can defo beat this thing – I will give you a call soon. I am just so sorry that I had not even noticed you weren’t communicating on fb because I see you come up all the time on my facebook – just thought your generally busy with work and grandchildren. Bless you xxx

  2. frankskully says:

    “The very least you can do in your life is to figure out what you hope for. And the most you can do is live inside that hope, live right in it, under its roof. Big Hugs to Lisa Elliott !!

  3. temica6 says:

    Hi Lisa me again lol sending you some LOVE BIG HUGS. Stay Blessed Mummy said you are in her prayers and to stay Strong.xx Daddy sends his love also thinking of you. God Bless you. xxxxx

  4. Sharon Warmington says:

    My thoughts and blessings are with you and yours. Sorry to hear but know that you have the strength [or stubborness] to deal with anything that comes your way – that’s what PA’s are made of…lol..

    Take care babe.

  5. Marcia Levine says:

    Hi Lisa your may have Cancer but you don’t have to keep it. My God heals all types of sickness so remain the strong person that you are. Here’s what you do every day you awake give thanks and through out the day thank God for your healing. I come agreement with Gods word so I am Asking, Seeking and Knocking on your behalf. 🙂
    Peace and Love Marcia xx

  6. Hi Lisa, May our great and Almighty God heal you and Bless you, and before to long may you delight our hearts by blogging your testimony of your recovery and healing, in the name of Jesus!
    Much Love Sally x 🙂

  7. lorna says:

    may god heal and restore you have faith may lovely

  8. Angela Walker says:

    Hi Lisa,
    its Angela, Kevin Walkers wife.
    Please believe me we do pray for you and will continue to do so. Thank you for being so strong! Thank you for this site. My Aunt, my mothers sister has been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, its horrible, I hate it!
    I shared your blog with her last night, she said she would read it when I left, looking over it she commented that you seem positive and that already strengthened her in some way I could tell…
    She’s going to QE this morning I rang her to pray with her and I will pray for you and others too.
    No weapons or demon from hell will prosper, God is here to disappoint every plan of the enemy, be blessed, stay blessed, continue to rest and take comfort in your loved ones. You are a true inspiration!
    Much love,
    Angela, Kevin & family

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