The Day The Hair Came Off

OK, most of you will know there is a high chance anyone having chemotherapy will lose their hair. In fact, when the surgeon first advised me that he wanted me to have chemotherapy – all I could think of was “Rarrrted…..I’m gonna lose me hair”!

Now then, I’m not short of a hair or 2.  My hair (on my head), when straightened with my GHD’s – reaches down in my back. As Jamaican’s would say “Yuh Hair Tall Eee!” (translated for European folk – “your hair is very long isn’t it?”).

But I got over this devastating news pretty sharpish, it’s a no-brainer really.  Your hair or your life….I chose life.  So my oncologist informed me that from about 12 days after my first hit of chemo I will probably start to lose my hair, and not just that on my head!

Speaking with past chemo patients and breast care nurses, it’s quite common for the patient to take things into their own hands and shave off their hair as an act of defiance. Some even say its liberating.  I understand that the process of the hair follicles dying off is quite a painful one for the patient….your scalp becomes very tender and sore just before hair starts to fall. It doesn’t come out in litte bits – lots of it comes out, “Clumps”, “Wads” are just 2 of the words used to describe chemotherapy induced hair loss. So I had to make a decision.

The day, Monday 14th November. The time, 7:30pm. The place, my living room. The barber, my Husband. The support, Sherri & the Kids.

I took my place in Rannies Barber chair (he bought one as he cuts the boys hair since they were little), and the cutting commenced. SNIP…………SNIP…………SNIP……………….SNIP…………SNIP…………SNIP………..BUZZ……………..BUZZ……………….BUZZ……………………BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

It was done. In no time really. I just sat there whilst Rannie & Sherri debated over the initial shape of my head and the height to which he should cut it. I watched as my “Tall” hair fell into my lap, quickly scooped up by Sherri so it didn’t look so dramatic. I think Rannie was actually enjoying the process; he had never cut a woman’s hair, he’d shaped up my mums head once when she had a low back cut, but I was definitely his first chemotherapy cut. The kids were hovering around, making idle conversation whilst the deed was being done. I recall Sherri asking me many times “You OK Leece”. I always replied “Yep”. I was really, I had long accepted that it was going to fall out anyway and to watch long hair leave your head in droves would be most distressing……so it was my decision to cut it well short before that day occurred.

I’m actually quite used to it now.  Its only been a week or so and im totally feeling my new Chic look.  I’ve been out doors several times and no-one blinked an eye.  I doubt it will be as easy if I walked out with a bald head….Im sure the neighbours will talk and curtains will twitch.

Everyone who has seen it has stated the following

  • You have the face which suits short hair
  • You’ve got a good head shape
  • Short hair really suits you
  • You’re beautiful no matter what length your hair is
  • It will grow back
  • and several other variations of the above

I noted Rannie over the following few days kept looking   – I wasnt worried, he was admiring his handy work – I’m actually very proud of what he did for me. I could have asked my friend Jacque who is an excellent hairdresser (she made me look the Biz on my wedding day) to do the deed for me, she already said anything she can do for me would be an honour **love you Jacque 🙂 **. But this was something my Husband wanted to do….for me….and I’m really glad I let him. When my hair starts to grow back after Chemo I will officially make him my barber until the length comes back……thats if im not totally liberated and decide to be short-haired.

I am currently experiencing the tender and sore scalp, so I expect the inevitable to occur shortly. My “Lady Garden” hair has already started to go…… I find this absolutely hilarious and am pleased I no longer have to endure my loins being waxed every 5 weeks 🙂 ….if that was too much information for you…..I do not apologise in the slightest!  However….when my eye lashes and eye brows go and I look like a damn alien from the planet Ningon…….I may not find it so funny… lowe me this one nuh!

Anyway, you can make your own decision whether the points above are valid.  In the next few days, this hair will start to fall out and when it gets patchy I will go for the kojak cut. Then its scarves and wigs until re-growth arrives, hopefully in the Spring, just like the flowers 🙂




About kissmeteet

47, wife, mother of 3 and nanny to 2, Christian. 6 year survivor of stage II Breast Cancer.
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14 Responses to The Day The Hair Came Off

  1. mizb11 says:

    Looks gr8, well dun Rannie, now get the washing dun…………

  2. Yolanda says:

    Well done Rannie & I send massive huggles and kisses. Gotta give Shez a “big up” but I’d expect nothing less from her. Edie & I will come visit you soon xxx

  3. Nice blog .. And I told you that chair would come in handy. No. 1 and shape up … Just getting my razor ready.

  4. Kina says:

    Yes Lisa your blog is well put together!! ‘if that was too much information for you…..I do not apologise in the slightest!’ << That bit did make me laugh lol. Highly rating your courage & acceptance to everything believe me…..much respect. Kina xx

  5. den u dunn knw, short hair is wel in, even in di winta, yuh more dan luk gud ladee, lov and xx 2yuh and fambo, and rannie, mi need a short cut?

  6. Rebecca says:

    You look gorgeous! Well done to your hubby. This post made me laugh and made me cry. Keep the faith Lisa, I’m praying for you and yours. May God continue to give you the strength to battle the B*tch!

  7. Joy Scott says:

    Lisa, you look beautiful, this is just a reflection of your inner beauty, you are an exceptional woman of substance and strength xxx

  8. temica6 says:

    Well lisa what can i say you still look lovely long hair short hair a nuh nuting just keep that gergous smile flowing……. This blog and the others is a wonderful thing you have done you have made every1 welcome in your life and what you are going threw i rate you big time…..Please continue to be has strong has you can we are all here with you hun. Love you Lisa, Rannie, Children and Shez you are all amazing. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx friend fe life………….

  9. temica6 says:

    O Lisa me feget where`s you hair?????????? Can i use it has a PONY TAIL. Loooooooool.xxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. kingsley jackiron says:

    Lisa I’m still in shock & lost for words..!! I know you have the Strength of A LIONESS & A HEART of an ANGEL with A SMILE so SWEET with HAIR or no HAIR your WORDS bring SMILES & TEARS WE are WITH YOU ALL THE WAY……. xxxxxxxxooooooxxxxxx

  11. Lorna Francis says:

    Lisa, you look great.

  12. Pally says:

    Hi Lisa, I’ve only started reading your blog today, what an amazing amount of strength and belief. You have such a warm and beautiful face, the hair will make come back soon.

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