Do you really pray for me?

Its just a question really.

But if over the last few weeks you have said to me “I will pray for you” or “You are in my prayers” or “I pray for you and your family”. I ask – have you REALLY prayed for me?

If someone else has suffered illness or grief in the past and you said it to them too…..did you honestly say a prayer?

The reason I ask this is not to insult you or cheese you off or even call you a fibber, but its something many of us say when trying to offer comfort to someone in their time of need, I do it myself, believe me. But do we really follow through?  Have I always followed through?  Don’t worry….I’m not afraid to challenge myself either, I’m only human and I can say no I haven’t always followed through.  I’m a person who does pray because I do believe in the power and uplifting it provides. OK, I may slip up sometimes and drop asleep before I managed to close my day with prayer but I’m no stranger to prayer.

But what I learned a while back now is where I was going wrong. I thought you prayed at specific times of the day, you know, like how you were taught as a child (when you go to bed, when you wake up or when in Church). But I learned you can pray at anytime of day or night….God doesn’t work shifts….he is on call 24/7 –  How Mighty is He!

If you haven’t done so yet – don’t worry, there is still plenty of time. When you have a moment of silence or just a moment you can spare me, can I ask that you just close your eyes, open your heart and send out (or up) a prayer for me. But not just for me, for yourselves and your family to, never forget you need prayer as well.  You don’t have to be needing anything specific to pray, even if it’s to say thank you for waking me up this morning.

If you are a non-believer, can you please just bite your lip….for me ….and just say “Dear God, please let Lisa recover from this illness, AMEN”.  That’s it, its done. If you are a non-believer and you do pray for me…God may be so impressed you spoke to him that you may just tip the scales in my favour 🙂

I can see a few of my “non-believer” friends now thinking “Oh Noooo – She’s found God”………Truth is……I never lost him 🙂

Stay Blessed 🙂




About kissmeteet

47, wife, mother of 3 and nanny to 2, Christian. 6 year survivor of stage II Breast Cancer.
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9 Responses to Do you really pray for me?

  1. Martin Baptiste says:

    Lisa, very uplifting message & to be honest, i could not put it a better way myself….This message was straight to the point….Thanks for sharing with us your daily thinking. Very inspired by it all, XXX

  2. mizb11 says:

    If u don’t ask u won’t know !!!
    Yes I do, and I firmly believe my sis and all my friends who I have lost through their Umpa Lumpa’s or forms of Cancer spreading to other regions are true guardian angels, and ask them to watch over U and guide u through this time, in strength and unity. Amen xx

  3. Carms says:

    Lisa that is so very true, it is so easy to say those 4 four words, and mean them at that time! My own faith is my rock and although I don’t go to church much I talk to our father constanly, not just in giving thanks for my blessings but in eveything, the world can be a lonely and brutal place at times, but when I stop and be still for a moment he always fills me up 🙂 They say you faith is private, well yes it is but it is also to be shared and I am a firm believer in the power of prayer, its something my Nan and I often talk about. So when I say those words I mean then, when I speak of your journey to others it is not to gossip it is to reach to their heart and their prayers. Bless up beautiful lady xx

  4. kissmeteet says:

    Thank you guys for your prayers and I like to think our sisters who had to leave us are guarding over me….Love you all xxx

  5. Lorna Francis says:

    That’s what I love about God. He’s not on man’s schedule. Yes, I pray for you. Since I read your post on fb and then this blog, I have to say am amazed at your spirit and openness. Prayer is what I have to offer and mine are for you.

  6. Lourell says:

    Hi Lisa, I hope you’re not having a bad day today – having just read your 26th November post. You asked the question (previous to that) – ‘Do you really pray for me?’ Yes I do because as the others have said, it’s what I have to offer whether I’m near you or not. And yes, for others too. And girl, if you want to cry, you go ahead, let it out, scream if it helps but just don’t keep it in. As you can see, you are very much loved and everyone is with you. I will always remember you telling me you’re gonna have to get real sick in order to get better so I’m staying positive for you girl and willing you to get better. God Bless and please tell you’re friend Stef – I’m gonna say a prayer for her too.

  7. Marlene says:

    Hey girl, praying for you daily. You make me realise how week a person i am, i hold on to your courage and strength every day i read.

    You are truely blessed. I appreciate you have your illness, but your constant feedback is a message to all “sick and well”

    stay strong my sister, praying for you daily, hourly by the minute.

    Love to all your family

    Marlene (Beeches Kids Club)

  8. Andi McLean says:

    Morning Lisa, how’re you feeling today? Better than even your own expectations I hope. As you can probably tell, I’ve finally caught up with your blog thus so far and have been reading it since awakening as a precursor to start my day. Lisa you truly area blessed child of God! Every word, space, comma & full stop of your blog I have felt to the very depths of my soul, but this last one so far “Did you really pray for me?”… well that one made me weep,.. More so in realization of how ungrateful I can be of life and being able to enjoy even the simplest of things and I am a person who does believe in our Creator and have daily reference stops with him/her… Sorry let me rephrase; I don’t believe in God,… My life experiences have caused me to KNOW GOD AND KNOW GOD IS! This is a fact which is unshakeable or undebateful in me, but even so, I still see within areas in my life and thinking where I do take things for granted… If I wasn’t or didn’t, it wouldn’t have caused my heart to immediately weep right there and then whilst reading your honest to the bone words!… And I thank you for saying what you said so that I could AGAIN realise this fact!!
    Right, that being said, I’m gonna run off now and get myself ready to pick up my beautiful 6 yr old daughter… My turn to have her today YAAAAAY!!! I think I’ll take her to ‘The Theatre of Live Animation’ exhibition today up at South Bank and hmmm……. Maybe the London Aquarium where we can both marvel and Our fathers wondrous creations!! So……(hey I feel another poem coming on)……

    Have a blessed day Lisa,
    I hope it is pain, sickness and nausea free…
    I hope the humble prayers I have offered,
    Will manifest themselves in thee…

    Love, Light, Guidance, Strength, Reassurance, Peace & Blessings my sister…
    And chin up…. Even if it is double chin! 🙂 Love. Andi Mc 🙂 xxxxx

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