Glad that weekend is over….Phew

Hello Campers 🙂

Well my horrid weekend is over. My slight depression was lifted yesterday by 2 things. A trip to Asda and a trip to Nandos.

Yep, that’s how easily I’m pleased nowadays, bloody grocery shopping and a 1/4 leg of peri peri chicken (ok….I lied, I had a half chicken) allow me though, I go in for Chemo round No, 2 this week so I will have lost my taste buds by the weekend and food will taste really odd. So anything I eat right now….I treasure the flavours immensely!

Yes indeed, one of the side effects of chemo is you lose your ability to taste. Most things taste totally bland (imagine cardboard flavour) or food and liquids have a distinct metallic taste. I know some of you are thinking “what the heck does metal taste like? I never used to sit and eat metal objects either but believe me, chemo gives food and drink a metal taste….I truly hope you NEVER have to experience it. Anyone who truly knows me, knows Lisa is a “Tea” person. I drink tea by the litre bottle….seriously, and I couldn’t STAND the taste of tea or milk after chemo so I stopped drinking tea…end of.  I have just started drinking it again in the last week since my taste buds returned but they will be gone again later this week……..KMT 😦

My friends didn’t get to visit Saturday evening after all – but it was OK as I was down in the dumps and you could probably tell I’d be crying all day as my eyes were as red as a Ganja farmer 🙂 .  It probably wasn’t the best time for them to see me as I wasn’t my usual happy go luckily full of jokes self, so I will see them soon and hopefully I will be in a happier mood.

Now..where was I….oh yes….Asda. So I accompanied Rannie to do the weekly shop, he has been doing it all himself for the last few weeks but I felt strong enough to tag along and I just needed the fresh air and to see people. As Mum wasn’t coming down, we decided not to cook and go out for something to eat, again just to get me out of the house.

Another reason I enjoyed getting out. Between 7-10 days after receiving chemotherapy, my white blood cell count takes a massive dip and my immune system is unable to fight off infection making me extremely susceptible to being hospitalized with a host of illnesses that my body wouldn’t fend off itself. The common cold can become pneumonia or a viral infection can put me in intensive care!  I crrrrrrappped myself when the chemo team warned me about this so sure enough from day 7, if you had even a slight cough or sneeze you COULD NOT enter my home or come near me.  I even frisked my poor granddaughter for signs of a runny nose or temperature when Leon brought her down to see me.  I warned my friend who was coming up from London to bypass my yard as she had a sore throat lol.  But Im safe again now…however, if I do catch a cold just before my next chemo there is a chance I will get postponed until I’m clear and when you have cancer you DON’T want to miss a chemo session.  Therefore if you are a friend of mine who pops in, if you are sick currently……better you stay weh yuh deh! loooooool

My hair is falling out with every movement I make and I am now the owner of a bald patch and some highly thinned  neck back hair. So tomorrow I will take a pic so you can share this experience with me.

Right then…..Im a celebrity get me outta here is on…….see ya 🙂

Love, Light & Blessings

Lisa (((HUGS)))


About kissmeteet

47, wife, mother of 3 and nanny to 2, Christian. 6 year survivor of stage II Breast Cancer.
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9 Responses to Glad that weekend is over….Phew

  1. Joy Scott says:

    Lovely Lisa, so glad you made it through the weekend, you sound much more upbeat today, stay strong my sister and face the next round of chemo with confidence, make sure you get every lasty drop of it!! keep on keeping on, Love you Girl xx

  2. mizb11 says:

    Eveeeeeeeeeenin Hun

    yep i remember hearing about the tastebuds goin, and the immune system being weakened, so tek time in asda an nandos… hope u had a gd feast..

    luv ya bub


  3. Marcia Williams says:

    Hi Lisa
    I am glad you are feeling much better today I found a inspirational quote for you hope you like x

    Somewhere there’s someone who dreams of your smile,
    and finds in your presence that life is worth while.
    So when you are lonely, remember it’s true
    Somebody somewhere is thinking of you.

  4. Cheryl (Chez) says:

    Lisa, glad to hear that your back in high spirits girl, hope you had an enjoyable evening at Nandos. Stay strong Sis….some days it is not gonna be easy, but knowing you, you will tek it in your stride….Much much blessings Lisa……..xxxx

    ps – luv yr comment about ” My eyes were as red as a Ganja Farmer”, even though you were low, you still brought out your humor……Luvin it

  5. djdeneez says:

    Hi Lisa, what a soldier you are ‘girl’ we are with you every step of the way – and don’t apologise for having a bad day… we all have that at some point or the other… so chin up your doing just brilliantly…. Love DJ Deneez x

  6. Ivor Waite says:

    Hi Lisa

    I’ve never met a Ganja Farmer but know some people that have so I’m going to ask them about this red eye thing. I used to work with a woman that was red eye but she didn’t seem the green fingered sort.

    Love and hugs Ivor x

  7. Lourell says:

    Glad to see you’ve had a better day and that you went out for a little fresh air. How’s Mr E and boys holding up? Just checkin in on you, so that like everyone else, I can send big hugs to help hold you through chemo this week. Can’t visit coz got a sniffle but as soon as I can, I will (or Rannie’s gonna have to send me some of that chicken soup). Much Love. Lourell

  8. Carms says:

    Good Morning Lisa :-), just sharing my morning cuppa with you before my day starts. I remember my Dad being furious at loosing his tastebuds in treatment, he too said everything tasted of metal. He also said he could smell metal everywhere, it used to bug him alot, the house was constanly being scubbed with Detol because he could smell that, he took a drop of Detol in your bath to a completely new level, lol. Keeping you in my heart beautiful lady, bless up xx

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