2 Chemo’s Down….6 to go

Today was chemo No.2. Arrived at the oncology unit at 9am, had to go through an active picket line as today pubic sector workers are on strike over their pensions.  But they didnt try and stop us as they would have had me jump out at them with my balding head carrying a cancer card shouting “I NEED MY CHEMMMMMOOOOOOO” lol.  Anyway….booked in, got weighed (they weigh you before every chemo as the dose is worked out based on your weight) So ya’ll know I had a MASSIVE syringe load loooooool.

I’m shocked to learn I have lost a stone since I was first diagnosed in September…I’m not actively dieting….but having a cancer diagnosis works wonders for losing ones appetite.  However, the steroids and chemo will possibly put weight on me over the coming months and the Tamoxifen I have to take for the next 5 years will definetly add a fair few pounds to my frame.  It vexes me as many of my friends will know I lost 6.5 stone a few years back……I was even in the daily mail magazine because of my success, and after this crap Im gonna have to do it all again……KMT. Being honest, being slim is cool and shit….but I’d rather be overweight, cancer free and alive….ya feel me 🙂   AMEN!

Here is the article if you are interested http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/you/article-1130474/Real-women-figure-The-diets-work-us.html

Anyway, went in to see the lovely Dr Spooner (thats the man who IS GOING to save my life….bless him). He was happy with my blood test results, my neuts are 4.8 so Im declared “fit for Chemo” Yayyyy me!!  Seems rannies Chicken soup and the love and prayers im receiving from everybody are working…..keep it up peeps….keep it up.  So off I went into the chemo unit to receive my doses of IV Chemotherapy, IV steroids and IV anti-sickness.  This time it took about 3.5 hours to go through, the machines can be a bit irritating beeping every minute but one gets used to it.  My company at chemo this time was my Mummy Ivy, my King Rannie and one of my 3 princes Tashan.  Mum happily sat there doing her crosswords and Rannie & Tashan’s faces were in their iphones (as usual) and we occasionally looked up and commented on the comings and goings of a chemo unit.

I asked Tashan to make use of his iphone and take a couple of pics of the chemo packs so you can what they look like.

My chemo buddie Steph was also in today for her LAST CHEMO …HOORAY, she’s had a hell of a week or 2, really. She was so emotional today and she kept crying…..I can understand that….one thing we can do really really well…..is cry, I’d even say we are expert at it.  However I know Steph hasn’t cried that much as she is a trooper, she told me before she cried at the beginning and didn’t cry after that, so maybe today and the last week or so has been a release for her as she is moving one.  She is stronger than me as I bawl allllllll the damn time!!

One of the reasons she has been very upset is  a charity which was going to take her to her Radiotherapy at QE has lost its funding and its going to cost her £600 to get there and back, Steph lives quite far from QE and she doesn’t drive…..this is the reality of the government cut backs, it effects even those people who need life saving treatment. But let me tell you something, God is GOOD and family, friends and even strangers are true Samaritians at times like these. She mentioned it to friends on her FB page and so many people put together and have raised the £600 for her. She is so very overwhelmed she has been in tears all week.  Steph hun – you have one less thing to worry about – you go get your radiotherapy sis – blitz those little buggers to DEATH! then go live your life CANCER FREE!

So thats it…Chemo No 2 complete for me, 6 more to go before I face my right breast removal then onto radiotherapy myself. I’m now home to rest up and pray that side effects are minimal. Im really tired, seriously mega tired, the steroids will keep me going now for about 3 days and when they finish thats when I may hit rock bottom – so ya’ll stay with me and keep me company either here or through my FB page. Send me jokes, gossip….anything that we make me smile when the demons and gremlins come a knocking.

Im getting my hair cleaned off in the next day or so. Im actually bald in a few places and very thin in others and hair is getting everywhere…the last straw was this morning when after drinking my treasured cup of tea….my hair was in the bottom of the damn cup! KKKKKMMMMMTTTT 😦

I will blog on the final shave when it comes. I honestly don’t know if I will show you a picture of my skinned off bald head…..can’t say how I will feel about it just yet, but in truth I’m dreading it but it has to be done.

Remember I told you I’m sharing this journey of mine with you all so you can understand the trauma of it all and help me through it. Why?? Because someone reading this blog will no doubt hear of some other sister facing this disease, and with my help, you can understand what they may have to go through and you can support them through the ups and downs and the demons they face……KMT.

Before I go……..One question for the ladies especially. When was the last time YOU CHECKED YOUR BREASTS?  If you havent recently…..you know what you HAVE to do…..please.

Love, Light & Blessings

Lisa 🙂


About kissmeteet

47, wife, mother of 3 and nanny to 2, Christian. 6 year survivor of stage II Breast Cancer.
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7 Responses to 2 Chemo’s Down….6 to go

  1. mizb11 says:

    Well dun hun xx

  2. mizb11 says:

    oh forgot to say i checked mine last week !!!

  3. Joy Scott says:

    Lovely Lisa, well done another chemo under your belt. Your blog is so inspiring, thank you so much for educating me, its a privilege to have an insight into your journey. I looked at your weightloss story, its absolutely amazing that you lost all the weight and kept if off, you are naturally a star in everything you do. Rest up and be gentle with yourself as you go through the week, enjoy all the TLC from Rannie and boys, keep smiling and keep going, still praying for you, Love you Girl xxx

  4. temica6 says:


  5. Cheryl Rouse (Chez) says:

    Lisa girl, praies to the most high, that you were fit enough for you second session of chemo. Girl, i follow yr blog with great interest as i have a friend from work, who has been going trhrough this journey also. She started her journey from earlier on this year, and she no doubt has has her ups and downs, but you know what, I truly admire the inner strength of women like you and her and others. She has 1 child and your have three, when she told me, girl i just did not know what to say or do, I hugged her so much that day and asked her how she was going to cope, her response was that she has too be strong for her young daughter.

    Lisa, i given you or even sent you virtual hugs on FB, but i would like to do nothing better than to stand in front of you and give you a big massive hug, I am glad that you have ventured back into FB, I have missed our banter.

    Give Rannie and the boys a big kiss for me, they are the soldiers now, looking out and after you………Much much blessings in the name of the father…….continually praying for you…….mwah xxxxxx

  6. Lourell says:

    Glad it went well. Here’s wishing you a good weekend with as little as possible side effects. Well done for getting through another session Lisa.

  7. Val says:

    Lisa my friend was under Dr Spooner, I went with her a couple of times for her chemo, and yes he is a life saver. You are with the best, 7 years later she is still talking about him. xx

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