Hair Loss From Chemo – The Gallery

Ok, here are some pics of my hair pre chemo, and the subsequent hair loss experienced throughout a period of 4 weeks until the time we had to go kojak. Remember I cut it low on 14 th November before the major loss started.

Hope this does‘t make uncomfortable viewing for you, but it is what it is.

The first cut……is the deepest. This is the trim we did on 14th November.

The Hair loss commenced over the following week or so

And the the final shave on 2nd December.

Today, after washed and oiled and lovingly care for.

OK – enough of that, scarf on – In case I scare the post man half to death! 🙂


About kissmeteet

47, wife, mother of 3 and nanny to 2, Christian. 6 year survivor of stage II Breast Cancer.
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13 Responses to Hair Loss From Chemo – The Gallery

  1. Marcia Williams says:

    Hi Lisa
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you look fab with hair and without girl. So hold your head up high and say bwoy but me look GOODDD!!!!!!!!!!!

    Marcia x

  2. kissmeteet says:

    Bwoy….me look GOOOODDDDD! lol

    Bless you Marcia.

  3. Bev H' says:

    Lisa Amber Rose Elliott, you just need the bottom now…luv it, xx

  4. mizb11 says:

    U look damn fine hun xx

  5. Julia says:

    You are Amazing and Beautiful!
    God bless you Lisa
    JR x

  6. Andi McLean says:

    Lisa you look criss
    Wid yu head like this,
    Jah know seh mi nah lie,
    I bet you piece a chicken
    when your hair grows again,
    Yu a go wa back de kojack style!!

    Well done girl, and well done Rannie!!
    Well done to your boys and de whole family!
    Blessed love!! 🙂 xxx

  7. Dudley says:

    You was Right Lisa. Everybody say you look good……But dem telling you the truth.
    Who cares about what and what people who don’t know U might think (“TMT!”) .
    Love and Blessings.

  8. Dudley says:

    P.s Big up Rannie! nuff respeck, you are a text book example of what name MAN.

  9. Michelle Sutherland says:

    Lisa, I know I speak for many Women reading your blog & the truth is, you make many Women wanna shave their heads cause your beauty outshines everything going on around us right now. What an Ambassador you are! We all take for granted the saying ‘Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder’ but Leese (as I love callin u) you really are the Holder of inner & outer beauty. Your blog is a fine example of who & what you represent, sheer honesty, warmth & charisma. As for Rannie, well we all need a Rannie in our lives. Would love to loan him from ya but I can’t afford him right now, I hear his interests rates are high – lol. My parting sentence to you is, your blog & the comments from your family & friends proves just what a diamond you are, keep shining amongst the stones.

    Catch up with you very very soon – mwah xxx.

  10. Karen Seaton says:

    Lisa, I’m sure you don’t realise how much the bald look you are now sporting suits you girl, stunning and that smile of your just beautiful xx Much love to you and the family, and to Rannie you done a great job there 🙂

  11. Joy Scott says:

    Lovely Lisa, “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
    ― Maya Angelou
    everyone has told you how beautiful you look, your Nubian beauty is apparent for all of us to see. Love you Girl xx

  12. Lisa.(slap head ) .you are very brave woman i am humbled by what I see and what I read I feel so helpless but i am encouraged and inspired by you and I am inspired by Rannie and his never wavering love guys..“When you get to the end of the rope, tie a knot and hang on..because we are here for you guys…

  13. LornaE says:

    Lisa, you’re a trooper and an inspiration. Love your spirit and pray for all your days.

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