Rannies Get Better Soup

Lovingly made by my husband, scroll down for pics 🙂
































About kissmeteet

47, wife, mother of 3 and nanny to 2, Christian. 6 year survivor of stage II Breast Cancer.
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7 Responses to Rannies Get Better Soup

  1. Sheron says:

    Oh my …tis been a long tme since i cook soup meself but lookin at that pot of lovelyness im off to market tommorrow…!! lol
    I can see how you feel good after that…. nom nom 😉

  2. Michelle Sutherland says:

    Leese, did Rannie borrow my Reggae Reggae cook book to cook that soup??? LOL…………… On a serious note it looks mighty appetizing, I’m at Joy’s and just run her into the kitchen to cook me some NOW. Anyway glad to hear you’re feeling better (with a likkle help from Miss Mya’s smile & hugs). Mwah xxx

  3. Love Scotch Bonnet Pepper; unfortunately can’t put that much in the soup.
    Anyway Soup done now!!! 😦

  4. Dudley says:

    Any soup leave?

  5. djdeneez says:

    Hi Leese,

    WOW! You are getting spoilt rotten aren’t you girl! You go… well done Rannie x

  6. Marsha says:

    Rannie come cook for me!!!!

  7. Andrew says:

    Lisa I tried to call you recently without success and I so came online today to be a blessing today but instead I have been blessed.
    Ronnie although my soup is famous down here in Kent (just outside south London) I am humbled by what you are feeding my cousin.
    It is clear from what I have read that you have been a tower of strength to Lisa and that is how it should be but nevertheless, on behalf of us all, I would like to thank you for what you are doing.
    Lisa you have always been beautiful both inside and outside but as I read and look at you now………you have moved to another level.
    Even your children radiate His glory.

    The Lord bless you and keep you
    The Lord make His face to shine upon you
    And be gracious to you
    The Lord lift up His countenance upon you
    And give you peace

    Tons of Love
    Andrew, Pauline, Nadine & Daniel xxxx

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