The toils of a girl on chemo

Well well well. What a week that was.  I have no idea what happened to me for about 3 days. Literally I was struck down by some chemo related side effect. It was like having full flu symptoms – I hurt, ached in every muscle group, every bone, every organ, even my eye balls hurt. My head was pounding and I admittedly didn’t cope very well. I’m no sissy – I’ve had my fair share of pain and surgery and my pain threshold is quite high, I rarely see my doctor, coming from a medical background, I can deal and diagnose most common ailments – but jhezzzzz, this one messed me up BIG TIME, I just couldn’t cope. I was OK on Sunday…I truly don’t know what happened. Sherri took me to church on Sunday morning, we visited my mums church for a change and we stayed for tea and biccies afterwards, we came back to mine, chatted as we do and she left some time later….I don’t remember much after that.

Poor Rannie had to cancel his works Xmas meal with his team in London this week as I was not doing well. So Im a bit angry/upset about that as he is supposed to enjoy all the xmas cheer  – its important for him to get out of here and just be him for a while. KMT……..  Luckily his team have another xmas meal next week in Birmingham so I will ensure he gets to that one even if I’m not well — I will get one of my girlie’s to sit with me if I have too.

Ended up having to go to hospital for blood tests as I was soooooo poorly and been seen by one of the oncology doctors 😦 . Also had a CT scan – trying not to think about those results right now……too scared.

But slowly I’ve mended and rose out of my coma yesterday afternoon. Mum spent most of the day perched on my bed when I came home from hospital Tuesday evening and Tashan was on the bed with me all day yesterday (that boy is so loving, quiet as he is, he just cares) and Leon arrived with my little princess last night – she was just the boost I needed.

So back to hospital today as the doctors wanted to repeat my blood tests and they have just called me to say I’m OK and dont need to be admitted but I have to monitor my temperature and report any further symptoms and STAY AWAY from sick people (Im now in my low white blood count week) – If I don’t heed their warning it’s a week in the QE receiving IV antibiotics and worse case scenario DEATH 😦 …..don’t quite fancy that so ya’ll know im heeding the advice 🙂

Rannie made his delish chicken soup last night – TO…….DIE……FOR (nom nom nom) –  Im sure thats why I feel better today.  Even Mya (my granddaughter) lapped a bowl up and she is such a funny eater – she only eats meat – I swear – but she polished off that soup.

Sorry for anyone who called round this week and didn’t get to see me, Rannie kept me a list of visitors and phone calls and can I say thank you for coming over, we will link up again soon, was just this damn 1st week after chemo – its a bugger I can tell you, and now its danger week so I’m on lock down until next Tuesday, then one last week of blissful normality before I get Chemo No. 3

I’m currently watching re-runs of “Friends” my all time favourite comedy – love that programme, never fails to have me in stitches….currently Ross, Rachel & Chandler are attempting to carry a sofa up some narrow stairs…..JOKES!!!

Love, Light & Blessings to one and all.

PS: Lourel Harris – YOU CAN KNIT GIRL!! I LOVE my big hat & snood in my fav colour Red – you have TALENT!  My Mum tried to steal it – You know she got beat down! And Ian Harris – My music CD is on repeat, some wicked wall rub down tunes right thurrrrr……love you both xxxx


About kissmeteet

47, wife, mother of 3 and nanny to 2, Christian. 6 year survivor of stage II Breast Cancer.
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6 Responses to The toils of a girl on chemo

  1. Lourell says:

    From both of us, you’re very welcome and glad to see you’re back on the mend. Ian’s got a message for you but he said he’ll send it himself. Keep smiling hon. Glad you like it. Say hi to everyone.

  2. Debbie Johnson says:

    Love you girl…stop apologising for being you. A beautiful woman inside and out. xxx. Remember try not to focus on the situation but focus on ‘HIM’, I know its easier said than done, however that is where the enemy will try to bring you down. Stay faithful girl xxxxx

  3. Andi McLean says:

    Hey Lisa, glad to see that you’re back on your feet as soon as you can, fighting the good fight!! I just love your spirit, willingness determination, brutal honesty & humor in the face of adversity!! You’re a real rock and sense of inspiration to even those who have no affliction! Thank you!!
    You’re also one heck of a sales-pitcher!!
    Mi seh; de way yu a talk up Rannie soup, all me who nuh nyam Chicken feel seh mi woulda wa come sample a cup,… Lol,.. So jus mind seh some a yu fren dem nah purposely walk wid long belly wen time dem a visit yu! Lol… Big up Rannie & Tashan, you’re both a big source of inspiration,.. In fact your whole family are top notch… You’re all a blessing for one another!!
    Keep up the works,… More power, More Love and even More Blessings to each and every one of you & Most of all More Health Blessings & Courage & Strength from Our Creator!!
    Look forward to hearing from you next Sis!!
    Love, Light and Abundance in all good things!! XxxxxxxxX

  4. mizb11 says:

    Good to hear from u hun and that u at least feel betta 🙂 Hard work ain’t the word babe, but u’ll get there, keep all buggaboos away till u fit enuff and of course rest up as an wen….


  5. Sheron says:

    Keep doing what you doing let me tell you tis blowing gales and wet stuff outa doors so keep u” friends” running on replay and laugh like a drain lovin your write ups u put the little things that niggle into perspective your diary is awesome xx

  6. temica6 says:


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