Passed the Half Way Mark

Its been a while since I last updated my blog….no reason really, just getting on with life in general, having my treatments and going through any side effects. I have now passed the halfway mark with my chemo treatments and am now on a new chemotherapy regime drug called Taxotere – but more about that bugger later!

So whats happened since 31st December then….well…New Year came…….then went. Spent it at home, just me the hubby and the youngest of my brood, saw in new year together, I shared a glass of wine (my first alcoholic drink for months) – then we promptly went to bed :-)….to sleep! lol

A friend of mine was also diagnosed with Breast Cancer in December, Im devastated for her and her family, she is such a beautiful woman, she’d actually called me when I was diagnosed to wish me well, then, she has a lump in her breast, knowing whats happened to me recently, she went straight to the GP and was referred to the same unit as me. She received the results 2 days before Christmas…..gutted. Rannie and I went to visit her and her husband a few days before she started chemo, just to offer her the benefit of my own experience.

My 4th chemo was on 11th January, that one went well and my chemo buddies at this one was my long time good friend Bev (she was my maid of honour at my wedding and did a major part of all my wedding planning and organising)….thanks Bev, LOVE YOU MWahhh xxxx – Our mutual friend Marlene who was at the hospital for an appointment also popped in and ended up staying for ages and we were all having a good old chin wag (Marlene love, if you are reading, I hope you are soon ready for our walking regime when the weather warms up – I got nuff excess weight to lose).

My side effects over the following couple of weeks were some nausea and complete loss of taste buds. I kept gagging every minute which was quite annoying to say the least but my taste buds returned in the week before my February chemo. I was busy with work during January actually, my boss had quite a few busy events coming up so I was working all hours to get the work done, busy as I was, I thoroughly enjoyed churning out work, working till late in the night, it just felt “normal”.

The best news was my hair has started to re-grow 🙂 Yipeeeee. I actually have a fine covering of soft baby hair all over my head…..its now at the point when i walk I can feel my hair waving in the wind. OK, I’m still very much a baldy woman, I can’t plait it or put rollers in it lol….but hey….hair is hair! However, on the back of this is I have now lost most of my eyelashes and my eyebrows have started to make an exit….so remember I said at the beginning I guess I will end up looking like clingon…….well, bring it on! lol

So onto my new chemo regime. This chemotherapy is known as a nightmare, is highly toxic and causes all sorts of added side effects on top of the usual ones, its official name is Docetaxel (Taxotere). Its quicker to administer however meaning my chemo days at the hospital will be shorter. My chemo buddies this month was Sherrie (Ya’ll all know Shez) and also my trusted hubby Rannie. Mum wanted to come along but she hasn’t been well and I didn’t want her bugs around me and any of the other women and men on the unit. So I had this chemo on the Wednesday…… Saturday…..I was admitted to hospital with a raging temperature, pain and generally feeling pants. They started me on IV antibiotics straight away along with intravenous fluids as I was somewhat dehydrated, admittedly I hadn’t been drinking much but the doctor said the temperature in itself was dehydrating. I shared my room with 3 other ladies, one had Ovarian Cancer which had returned 4 times since 2005, the other two ladies had terminal cancer but were both quite well in themselves but just had various issues with pain and medication which were being sorted. Being with them was very humbling at how well they had just accepted their fate, knowing they didn’t have long to live but were both determined to make the best of it whilst time allows, Im am blessed to have been in their company for 5 days, we were all like old biddies talking about old times, teasing the doctors and nurses and just generally keeping each others spirits up.

Also to my surprise staying at the hospital was a beautiful lady who I had met during Chemo called Sylvia. I had twice sat next to her and her lovely adorable husband during 2 of my past chemos and we’d shared so much about each other and our treatments. She also had taxotere for breast cancer and ended up in hospital nearly every time due to being Neutropenic (low white cell count). Sylvia warned me about Taxotere, what to look out for and boy am I eating her words right now loool, she was so right! However she had finished her chemo weeks ago yet still ended up sick, which just goes to show how much ones immunity is effected over a lengthy period, even after chemo finishes. Sylvia hun, if you are reading this…..I finally escaped hospital Wednesday evening. I hope you are recovering well and Radiotherapy goes well for you….look forward to that holiday, Im determined to do my Caribbean Cruise when my treatment is over!

So Im finally home from hospital, I’m knackered through lack of sleep in that place, Im still neutropenic at 0.9 (doctors like it to be 1.5 and above) but providing I stay away from crowds and avoid sick people like the plague I should hopefully be OK. Have to go and see my Oncologist next week to discuss whether my next chemo may be delayed and I also have to have more blood tests to see if they have recovered.

So thats it in a nutshell, I’m home, I’m recovering but I’m dreading the fact I have to have another 3 doses of this Taxotere, all I know is if thats what the Taxotere did to me, lets hope its doing even worse to the cancer!

Love, Light & Blessings to you all

Lisa 🙂


About kissmeteet

47, wife, mother of 3 and nanny to 2, Christian. 6 year survivor of stage II Breast Cancer.
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5 Responses to Passed the Half Way Mark

  1. Liz says:

    Thank you for sharing the intimate parts of your journey with us. Journeying with you through this season makes me remember how blessed I am and take stock of the things that really matter! Love you lots. x

  2. Marlene says:

    Hey girl, ho u doin. Was great to see you, (although unplanned due to my hospital). You looked good, and you made me laugh. Yes I only came to say hello, and ended up having to dig deep to find enough change to pay for car parking lol. Worth every penny to see your smiling face. Anyway, I know how determined you are, so mi start practice, yes mi start mi lickle walk dem. can’t wait for you to join me. Any time u ready just ping mi. well text mi u don know mi can’t use di fone business.

    Keep da faith, praying for you daily, blessings. Xxx

  3. Lorna says:

    Glad your home, luv. Keep trekking girl, taking care of business. xx

  4. tajsha says:

    Love you to the max xx

  5. sylvia bernard says:

    hi there lisa,
    sylvia and bernard here reading every ones sincere messages about that horrible disease called the big C. we can only hope that one day there is light at the end of the tunnel for all who have had, and is still suffering this illness
    However lisa the only way forward is to be 100% positive, and carry on with our lives. We are so pleased that you are out of h,pital now and feeling a little better. We would like to keep in contact with you ,and your hubby so that we will know how you are getting on with your future treatment we will meet again one day to celebrate our recovery
    our very best wishes to you both
    xx sylvia/bernard

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