Its been a while.

Its been a while since I last posted……Ive been meaning too, as so much has happened since my last post – but I sort of gravitated to my facebook page and support group and its quite busy on there.

I received a message the other day – asking me if Im dead! *shock* well, you may recall at the start of my blog I referred to the many blogs I had read which ended abruptly…it often left me wondering whether the blogger had passed on or had just got on with enjoying life.

Well, you will be very pleased to hear that I am still alive AMEN!  since my last blog I had an awfully close call with cellulitis in my non breast area which made me desperately ill, I collapsed at home and had to go have more tests to see what was going on, I was on antibiotics for weeks and it took a while to recover…but recover I did.  What else?….oh yes, Ive been through radiotherapy  I got zapped every day for 3 weeks.  That left some rather awful burns on my chest and neck but they are beginning to fade now but my skin is still awfully sensitive.

My nails are beginning to grow back, and my hair too. In fact, Ive decided to keep my hair short for the foreseeable future, its just so much easier to look after.

So slowly but surely, Im beginning to lift out of the darkness which engulfed my life last September.  I recall this time last year I was thrown into the worst turmoil and desperation and I truly didn’t think I would be alive in 12 months…..well I am….and I’m so thankful.

Tomorrow is my 43rd Birthday. Lord, I pray that you will bless me with a 44th.



About kissmeteet

47, wife, mother of 3 and nanny to 2, Christian. 6 year survivor of stage II Breast Cancer.
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10 Responses to Its been a while.

  1. siobhan says:

    beautiful Lisa, i always enjoy your blogs and twelve months on im so pleased you have come through the other side of cancer. You have given so many people their lives back through your inspiration.Thank you for sharing with us. I will be running tomorrow to help two of my chosen charities my church Maryvale and Molly Olly’s and so many other runners will be running for great charities too. I know you love your running so I will try and give you a wave it is on channel 5 from 10am in the morning. I hope by next year you may be well enough to join me on a 5K run for breast cancer, I look forward to when you are back to your running health. Take care lots of love Siobhan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Andi McLean says:

    Hiya Lisa,.. Glad to know that you’re still on the mend and still fighting with the strength, power and Blessings Our One True Creator’s loving grace! I haven’t been on FB too much in recent months, so have been unable to keep up with you there, but rest assured, I will by other means. May I be one of the 1st to wish you the happiest of earthdays (I call them that ca yu dun born already) tomorrow,… I’ll buy a bottle of red tonight (I hope you like red wine) and toast to your good health, prosperity and long blessed life as from midnight… Til de bakkle dun!! Lol
    Finally, I couldn’t say taraah, without composing an ode for you,.. So here’s one just for you:-

    Seize the time and enjoy your day,
    With your loved ones all together…
    And the sun will shine & the birds will rhyme,
    Whatever be the weather!!!

    Happy tales sis!!
    Love, Light and I-ternal Blessings!
    Andi 🙂 xx

  3. Desiree Perry says:

    HI Lisa,
    I always read your blogs,I’m a huge fan of yours!!
    I can’t believe someone sent you a message asking that!!! KMT.
    Enjoy your Birthday tomorrow, you soo deserve it.
    I hope many people read this, you’re an inspiration to us all.
    Take care hun,

    Desiree xxx

  4. Matthew says:

    Happy Birthday Sister Inspiration, love Matthew and Family


  6. Dudley says:

    Hi Lisa,

    It is so good to you alive and alive. Of course we give God thanks. I also read your article in our local paper, which Is inspiring. I hope you enjoyed your birthday.


  7. angela walker says:

    Happy Birthday! I praise God for your testimony, you sure are beautiful inside and out………….. Angela & Kevin xxx

  8. sarah says:

    Hey Lisa, thank you so much for sending me that link on paraben free stuff its and excellent site. No confirmed news yet on my own scan results but I will post you when I know. Belated birthday wishes to you hun. Sending you love and light sarah xxxx

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