Lisa gets the GB Observer Inspiration of the Year 2012 Accolade

Theres not a time in the past 43 years of my life where I would have ever imagined I would be awarded the accolade of Inspiration of the Year.  I can think of so many people more deserving than I, if we each took the time to open our eyes to the suffering around us in our very own neighbourhoods, we’d witness heartbreaking situations on every street corner.

I’m truly humbled that I’m considered an inspiration – but it shouldn’t just be me, Ive said it before and I will say it again, 125 women per day in the UK alone will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer, a staggering 12,000 of us will die each year because of it.


I pass this accolade on to each and every one of them, those who lost the fight, those who won the fight and those who continue to fight.  It’s for us all.

Love, Light & Blessings 🙂





About kissmeteet

47, wife, mother of 3 and nanny to 2, Christian. 6 year survivor of stage II Breast Cancer.
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8 Responses to Lisa gets the GB Observer Inspiration of the Year 2012 Accolade

  1. dougeharper says:

    Yay!!!! Great stuff Lisa

  2. Andi McLean says:

    Hi Lisa, Happy New Year to you sis and what great news to add to the list of good new year news too!
    I overstand where you’re coming from in thinking that there are more people who are more deserving than yourself and that maybe so…. to you,… But to us who have had the privilege to have walked along the observers path with you, along your road of testimony, we would ALL conclude that you are nothing LESS than deserving of that award!
    We all ‘hear stories’ of people in their sickness, random stories, partial stories, but NOTHING as indepth, intimate and personal-right to the bone, striking at the very heart and pouring out from soul & mind,.. Not like you! It takes a certain type character, a certain kind of mind and heart condition, a certain kind of love for humanity to be able to take our hands and lead us thru a journey such as yours… You probably thought that we were giving you support, but it was you who were counseling and supporting us and showing us how to face such harsh realities of life!
    I’ll NEVER stop thanking you for giving me this insight,.. insight that I too have been able to share with others since and it has given them hope and courage!

    You should write a book!! It would be as inspiring as any Ivanyla Vandanz or Paulho Coella novel.

    Keep your positive flow,.. Love ya big time sis.
    Love, Blessings, Guidance & Light.
    Andi 🙂 x

  3. Shaz card Huggies says:

    Lisa, congratulations, I am very proud of u and your achievements, inhavecalways told u that u t my inspiration do this announcement had just re-enforced whst I have sleds said. Your testmony will bring people to Christ. May God continue to bless u Lisa as u bless others. Girl I love U so much xx.

  4. ManjitUppal says:

    Hi Lisa

    What a way to start 2013. You are truly an inspiration. A well deserved award. A beautiful woman inside and out.
    Manjit xx

  5. Matthew says:

    Yes Lisa. Big up sister. I held you up as my inspiration in 2011 when we first discussed your situation. Congrats and happy New Year. Awards in consecutive years. BIG GRIN

  6. Trevor Corless says:

    Congratulations Lisa, a very well deserved accolade if I may be so bold. You are not just an inspiration to ,your ladies’ but to anyone who has had to fight the ‘big C’, or any other life threatening disease come to that. I wish you continued good health, for I know the battle may be won but the war is not over, and long may you continue to inspire others to fight and win. God bless. Trevor x

  7. Joy Scott says:

    Congratualtions ,Lisa you are the reason many of us women, have taken responsibility for our breast health and acted on all the good advice and guidance that you gave. God has brought you a mighty long way, keep on sharing, teaching, inspiring and encouraging.

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