Yep…….I’m still here part 2

Its come to my attention that some of you who don’t know me through other walks of life may be thinking something happened to me. Well, something did happen to me….I moved on. Just a little move, not lots, but I just began living my life again, trying to put back the pieces of what was and clearly its been taking up my time to the point I haven’t been blogging in a year.

A friend of mine Julia has reminded me twice in as many months that the few words I occasionally pen have helped people cope with their own diagnosis and its time I penned something again, and she is right, sorry for leaving it so long, but honestly I was busy lol.

I moved house, I did quite a bit of renovating, I did a lot of decorating, I changed my hairstyle, I coloured my hair, I gained another 1 stone (Friggin Tamoxifen and Galaxy bars), I had another granddaughter, I started running again , I stopped running again, I joined a fitness class, I got fitter, but somehow fatter (that will be the galaxy bars I reckon) lol, I started making home made whipped body butters for people who no longer want to rub parabens, chemicals and poisons on their skin! OK, Im not exactly the next Jo Malone/Jo Loves but hey….a girl can dream can’t she? lol. I lost my toenails yet again, I have also lost the majority of my fingernails (treatment related), I had cellulitis in my hand/arm and was very ill with it, I had flu, I had toothache and then I had a tooth extraction.  But the point here is that there is some form of ‘normality’ going on.  Nothing above seems ground breaking does it? well…..maybe the amount of galaxies I eat. Its just an average stuff, the same average stuff that you are probably doing and Lord knows I’m so grateful for the average normal stuff as 3 years ago I just couldn’t see ‘normal’ ever being part of my daily schedule again.  OK, its never going to be the same for me, granted, its just a new normal, and I have accepted it for what it is, parked the bullshit of 2011-2013 and got the hell on with it.

In terms of my body, no I have not yet had a breast reconstruction, I’m still a one breasted freak (its how it feels for me). My body and mind haven’t quite got to grips with the whole reconstruction thing…but one day. One day I hope to remove my bra and see 2 boobies staring back at me, but for now, its just the one, but its mine, its real and its free of cancer, according to my last mammogram.

As I type this post my mind runs on 2 friends I have lost this year to secondary breast cancer, Paula & Lulu. Both young women who had their treatment the same time as me. My breast cancer support group is reduced by 2 and it damn well hurts….a stark reminder that this bastard disease continues to wreck lives so it is with my closing sentence I ask my readers to please, check your breasts…do it tonight…..or tomorrow….but please…..just check them.

Love, Light, Blessings & Galaxy Chocolate Bars 🙂




About kissmeteet

47, wife, mother of 3 and nanny to 2, Christian. 6 year survivor of stage II Breast Cancer.
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4 Responses to Yep…….I’m still here part 2

  1. dougeharper says:

    Hi Lisa. Moving on is good, even if it IS just a little bit.
    Take care
    Doug xxxx

  2. Angela Walker says:

    You are an inspiration, may God continue to bless your life, health and family.
    Angela xxxx

  3. mizb11 says:

    it doesn’t even seem like 3 yrs, U’ve been U throughout and u haven’t travelled this journey alone.
    U are an inspiration to us all and I dont think u will know how much it has meant for us U starting this blog !!!
    May the ordinary and extraordinary be with U, May the Higher Ones Shines on U and continue to give U the strength courage and kick up the moomoo wen u forget Ur One hellofawoman !!! xXx

  4. Carol Thompson says:

    Hi Lisa, glad to hear that you are getting on with life as normal as possible. Life gets in the way… But I pray regularly that you continue to be you… Loving life the best way you can, with your family 🙏🏽
    Love Mrs Tommo and family x

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